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2018 Diversity Fellows Program Application

2018 Lowcountry Fellows Program 

Program Description and Call for Applicants 


The Lowcountry Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is delighted to announce a call for applicants for the 2018 AFP Lowcountry Fellows Program. Applications for this program are due by November 27, 2017. The program will begin in January 2018.





AFP Lowcountry Chapter's Mission is to advance the profession and culture of philanthropy in the Lowcountry


Professional fundraisers connect community needs to people who care and can make a difference in the lives of others. We are agents of change for the betterment of our community and our world. To advance this work, the South Carolina Lowcountry AFP Chapter offers professionals a wide range of educational, networking and mentoring programs that support and enrich each member's professional experience and skills.  


The Fellows Program further strives to improve the fundraising profession by attracting talented individuals with diverse life experiences and from various work places to become engaged and contributing members of the association. Fellows will be exposed and have access to resources, best practices and a network of other fundraising professionals. In turn, Fellows will provide the chapter with new and varying perspectives that provide valuable insights and promote continuous evolution in our work. 


This program is offered to any individuals working with or for nonprofit organizations in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Particular consideration will be given to individuals who demonstrate a desire to advance and remain in the profession of fundraising as evidenced by the pursuit of a CFRE, for example.  


Benefits and Expectations of Participation 


Regular attendance is expected in this two-year program that will provide the following benefits to selected Fellows: 


Year 1 

  • Complimentary 2018 AFP International and AFP Lowcountry Chapter memberships; 
  • Complimentary registration to AFP Lowcountry educational luncheon programs on a variety of philanthropic topics (75% of which fellow is expected to attend); 
  • Complimentary registration to AFP Lowcountry Summer Institute and National Philanthropy Day Luncheon;  
  • A professional development budget of $750 for use on educational materials and learning opportunities1
  • Opportunity to meet with senior development professionals; 
  • Presentation to the AFP Lowcountry membership at the annual meeting in December showcasing progress on the Diversity Project. The Diversity Project aims to identify underrepresented groups in AFP so as to guide efforts to increase diversity. In addition, the project will attempt to analyze the effectiveness of these practices to ensure and encourage greater diversity and inclusion within the AFP Lowcountry Chapter.    


Year 2 

  • Be a mentor to the 2018 Fellow; 
  • Opportunity to meet with senior development professionals; and 
  • Commit to being a paid AFP member. 


Eligibility Criteria 


  • Be responsible for fundraising at a South Carolina Lowcountry 501 (c)(3) organization; 
  • Have the full support of supervisor and organization’s leadership to participate in this educational program; 
  • Be committed to attending the programs and events comprising the Fellows curriculum and completing Fellows Annual Diversity Project; 
  • Not currently a member of AFP or currently a member for not more than two years; and 
  • Commit to being a paid member in AFP for at least one year after the conclusion of the Fellows Program. 


Please note that if you are selected as an AFP Lowcountry Fellow, you or your organization will be required to provide a $50 non-refundable annual enrollment fee. You/your organization will also agree to pay your 2019 membership fee upon completion of the 2018 program. 


Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and applicants may be asked to participate in a phone interview prior to selection. Candidates chosen to be Fellows will be notified in writing by December 10, 2017 and will be announced to the membership during the AFP Lowcountry Chapter's Annual Meeting in December. 


Information about the AFP Lowcountry Chapter Fellows Program 


If you have any questions about the AFP Lowcountry Chapter Fellows Program or you or your organization’s eligibility, please contact: Ellie Tiller, Diversity Committee Chair at (843) 568-6064, or



To apply please complete Sections I, II and III, and attach the following:  


  • A current job description;  
  • A current resume;  
  • A signed statement of support from your supervisor endorsing your participation (see attached template in Section III of this form);  


Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that:  


1  The application is completed and submitted by November 27, 2017;  

2  You and/or your organization agree to pay a non-refundable $50 enrollment fee if selected; and  

3  You and/or your organization agree to pay your 2020 membership fee upon completion of the 2018/2019 program.  


The completed application should be submitted to:  


Ellie Tiller 

Chair, Diversity Committee 


Section I. Applicant Information  


Applicant’s name:  








City: State: Zip:  


Work Phone: Fax: E-mail:  


Home Phone:  


Please note your organization’s Federal Identification Number:__________________  


My organization primarily focuses on:  


☐Arts, Culture and Humanities ☐Education ☐Environment and Animals  


☐Health ☐Human Services ☐International 


☐Public/Social ☐Benefit ☐Religion  


☐Other: ______________________________  


How long have you been with your current organization? 



Do you plan on obtaining your CFRE? If so, why? 



Please provide a brief statement about the nature of your fundraising experience, including tasks and the amount of time you spend on development activities: (Additional pages, up to two, may be added. 2,000 words maximum)  




What has been your greatest success in fundraising? (200 words maximum)  




What has been your greatest challenge in fundraising? (200 words maximum) 





Please briefly state your professional career goals and aspirations and how you expect participation in the Fellows Program will contribute to your professional development. (300 words maximum) 












Please discuss how this program will enhance your professional and personal skills and elaborate on what impact this will have on your organization and your community (additional pages, up to two, may be added. (2,000 words maximum)  







AFP believes that diversity and inclusion create a strong, vital and unified force for the effective pursuit of an organization’s mission and achieving philanthropic success. How will your participation in the Lowcountry Fellows Program strengthen the diversity and inclusion the chapter aims to foster? How would you go about strengthening AFP Lowcountry’s recruitment of diverse new members? (2,000 words maximum) 









Section II. Organizational Information  


Your organization’s mission statement:  


Year organization was founded:  


Your organization’s 2017 Operating Budget:  


Your organization raised $_____________ in 2016 (audited/unaudited).  


How much of this is government contracts? ________________ 


Section III. Statement of Support from Organization’s Leadership  










City, State, Zip:  


Phone:  Email:  


Supervisor Contact Information 


Supervisor Name:  




Phone: Email:  


CEO Contact Information 






Phone: Email:  



I fully endorse the application of ________________________________ (applicant’s name) to participate in the AFP Lowcountry Fellows Program in 2018 and 2019, understanding that this is a fundraising education program is designed to enhance my organization’s capacity in this area.  


I understand that the above-named will need to be available to attend monthly programs or meetings in order to participate in events as described in the “Benefits of Participation” section of this application.  


Finally, I understand that a non-refundable $50 annual enrollment fee will be required in the event that the candidate is selected as an AFP Lowcountry Fellow, and I agree to pay the 2019 membership fee in order to extend the benefits of membership beyond completion of this program. 


Signature:  Date: 

(Must be the organization’s Executive Director, President, or Board Chair)  


Printed Name: