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Courtenay Fain

Courtenay Fain Headshot


Employed by: Charleston Promise Neighborhood

How long have you been a member of the Lowcountry Chapter of AFP?  Since 2007

How has being a member of AFP helped you in your work?
The opportunity to build relationships with other development professionals, and discover who the local "subject matter" experts are for various specialized aspects of fundraising. When I need advice or want to trouble-shoot in an area where I don't have as much experience, help is just a phone call away!

What advice would you offer to new AFP members?
While our organizations are often competing for the same philanthropic dollar, at the end of the day there is a sense of professional camraderie within our chapter -- we are all in this together. My advice is to spend time building those friendships that will stay with you, even as you advance in your career. Receiving moral support, encouragement, sharing a laugh over shared professional obstacles...this makes the tough days survivable. In turn, finding oneself in a position to be helpful to an AFP colleague in their career is one of the most gratifying moments of all.

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:
I once had a conversation with Bo Derek, and we discovered we have something in common.  If you actually read this far and are at all curious, email me at and I'll share what that is....

What is the one thing you want people outside of the fundraising profession to know about what you do? 
Fundraising professionals are in the business of making dreams come true.