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Brooke Berthelsen

Berthelsen, Brooke

Job title: Assistant Director of Planned Giving & Marketing

Employed by: National Rifle Association

How long have you been a member of the Lowcountry Chapter of AFP?
Less than a year, however I've been a member of AFP for 10 years, including serving as a board member of the Coastal Georgia chapter.

How has being a member of AFP helped you in your work?
AFP has helped me develop confidence in my skills by connecting me to peers in the industry who can serve as mentors or guides. In addition, I have met some wonderful friends who enrich my personal life.

What advice would you offer to a new AFP member?
Ask for help, raise your hand, say yes, and be engaged! Fundraisers by their nature want to help others. This is a great profession for young professionals because of the growth opportunities as well as the career possibilities. AFP helps facilitate that engagement and the dues are nominal in comparison to what you can get in return.

Something my AFP colleagues might now know about me is:
My home is in Bluffton, South Carolina but I moved from DC a few years ago. I am CFRE certified and recommend everyone look at getting their certification.

What is the one thing you want people outside of the fundraising profession to know about what you do?
That fundraisers care about people. We want to help facilitate people's philanthropic dreams to reality, whether that is while they are living or through a legacy. Fundraisers are really here to be your cultural stewards. Whether your passion is firearms, children, animals, or any of the other worthy causes, there is a fundraiser available to help you.