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Courtenay Fain

Job title:  Director of Development & Marketing 

Employed by: Charleston Promise Neighborhood 

What I like most about my job:   

We are a small shop, so to reach our fundraising goals leveraging human capital is the name of the game. I have the fun job of tapping into 12 fabulous strategic volunteers who help me strategize, and then roll up their sleeves to help execute prospect meetings, grant research, social media, etc.  The camraderie and shared passion for changing the current trajectory of students attending four high-poverty, high-potential schools in our Neighborhood, makes my job so very fun and gratifying.

As Secretary, my goals are to:   Take exceptional minutes at Board meetings! Seriously, to support Adrian, Elliott, Leigh and fellow Board Directors in any way I can. This is my third tour of duty on the Lowcountry Board, and I am amazed at how our chapter has evolved over the 10 years I have been an AFP member.

I'm originally from:  Jacksonville, Florida

My hobbies include:  What's that? (kidding) Like many of us, I struggle to find balance between career, family and personal pursuits. Horseback riding (hunt seat, occasional fox chasing, and a dabble in dressage) is what I find myself doing when I have idle time...or just need a therapeutic trail ride in the woods!

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:    Once upon a time, I worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Washington, DC headquarters. I traveled the country visiting U.S. forests, and once, I spent two days on horseback in the Ochoco National Forest (central Oregon) inventorying the wild horse herd. One of the coolest things I have ever done -- learn more here!

If I had one week to do anything I wanted, I would:   Take my husband and son to Europe to introduce them to my college roommates who now live in Italy, Belgium and Greece!