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Susannah Netherland


Job title: Development Associate

Employed by: College of Nursing, Medical University of South Carolina             

What I like most about my job:  One of my favorite parts of my job is working with our videographer to update on online giving page with new videos of our scholarship recipients on a monthly basis. I love getting to know our students and learn about their life stories and their experiences before they came to nursing school. It’s also incredibly rewarding to get feedback from our donors regarding these videos, especially for our donors who are not able to meet their scholarship recipients in person. I had never had a chance to work on a project like this before I came to MUSC, and it’s been a wonderful experience for me.  

I joined the Lowcountry Chapter of AFP because:   I’m looking forward to the chance to network with other development professionals in the area and advance in my career by attending the fantastic educational sessions that AFP offers throughout the year. 

I'm originally from: Stuart, VA

My hobbies include: exploring Charleston, reading, traveling with friends, trying new recipes (usually after spending too much time on Pinterest).

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:   I got my start in fundraising on a political campaign when I was 22.

If I had one week to do anything I wanted, I would:  I would probably spend that week exploring the Musee D’Orsay. It stole my heart 13 years ago on an art history tour, and I have always wanted the chance to go back and get lost for a few days.