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Melinda Hester

Melinda Hester

Job Title:  Administrator

Employed by:  Edisto Island Open Land Trust

What I like most about my job:  Being a part of the community effort to preserve lands and vistas on Edisto Island.  I am grateful to be able to help save our beautiful island from becoming overcrowded and over developed.  I have been able to meet so many people here who share the same goals.  And I get to do it all in the most magnificent place in the world!

I joined the Lowcountry Chapter of AFP because:  I want to learn more about fundraising and be able to meet others in the same field and also learn from them.  Often those off the cuff conversations at a gathering provide significant insights.

I’m originally from:  Arkansas

My hobbies include:  Knitting, travel, volunteer work.

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:  I was a medical missionary to Haiti for six years.  I was there during the earthquake of 2010, lost everything, including my house.  But I was in the right place at the right time.

If I had one week to do anything I wanted, I would:  Travel to Greece, Italy and France.