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2018 Nomination for Outstanding Organization or Foundation

Nomination Form for 2018 Lowcountry AFP Awards

All nominations due no later than 6 p.m. E.S.T. on Monday, April 30, 2018 to

This award honors a community organization or foundation that demonstrates outstanding commitment through financial support and encouragement, as well as motivating others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community involvement. In making its decision, the Awards Committee considers:

  • Evidence of philanthropic support of innovative approaches to solving problems in the community.
  • Description of impact of gift support and achievements accomplished through the efforts of the community organization or foundation.  Please include specific financial information.
  • Please include the most recent audited financials.
  • Evidence of encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement.

Nominee Name: 


Nominee Address:  

Nominee Email:  


Nominator Name: 

Nominator Phone:  

Nominator Address:  

Nominator Email:

Please note, the completed form should be no more than three pages.

Please note, we encourage supplemental materials and/or video submissions.

I.  Describe the support the nominee has provided (money, time, other resources, etc.).  If more than one nonprofit has benefited, please list and offer examples.

II. Provide evidence of the nominee’s encouragement and motivation given to others.

III. Describe the top three impacts the nominee has had on the organization(s) and the greater Charleston community.

IV. If your nominee is selected as a recipient, a video will be presented during the 2017 awards luncheon.   Please include the names and emails of individuals (3 – 5) who should appear in such video.

Please encourage additional letters of support from a diverse range of individuals or nonprofits.