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2018 Nomination for Future Philanthropist of the Year

Nomination Form for 2018 Lowcountry AFP Awards

All nominations due no later than 6 p.m. E.S.T. on Monday, April 30, 2018 to

This award recognizes service by an individual or a group of youth age 10–22 who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the community through direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and leadership in philanthropy. Nominees will be judged based on work done while they were 10–22 years old. Nominations will be considered based on responses to the following criteria: 

  • Description in detail of what the nominee did, including goals, process, budget (if relevant) and other people involved in the process (adult leaders or adviser, etc.) and of the time, talent and/or treasure the youth gave for the common good and the results that were achieved.
  • Description of the impact the nominee had on the community, including numbers of people involved, financial impact, organization(s) helped, etc. Please include the names and contact information of individuals at the organization(s) who benefitted from the nominee’s work.
  • Long term (3-5 years) impact of the nominee’s work. Will the project(s) be ongoing and has the nominee considered next steps or is working on other projects?
  • Evidence that the project(s) can serve as a prototype for others or is easily replicable in other communities. 

Nominee Name: 



Nominee Address:  

Nominee Email:  

Nominator Name:  


Nominator Address: 

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Please note, we encourage supplemental materials and/or video submissions.

I. Describe the support the nominee has provided (money, time, other resources, etc.).  If more than one nonprofit has benefited, please list and offer examples.

II. Provide evidence of the nominee’s encouragement and motivation given to others.

III. Describe the top three impacts the nominee has had on the organization(s) and the greater Charleston Community.

IV. If your nominee is selected as a recipient, a video will be presented during the 2017 awards luncheon. Please include the names and emails of individuals (3 – 5) who should appear in such video.

Please encourage additional letters of support from a diverse range of individuals or nonprofits.