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McLaurin Bruce

 McLaurin Bruce


Job title:  Gift Planning Administrator 

Employed by:  Medical University of South Carolina 

What I like most about my job:  The challenges of managing some of the complexities of the various deferred gift vehicles and being able to resolve any issues or roadblocks.  I also really enjoy finding creative ways to market planned gifts to a variety of audience donors.  Above all else, it is so gratifying to hear from the children, grandchildren and heirs of our donors as they’ve seen the legacy of their family members come to fruition.

I recently joined AFP because:  The majority of my colleagues are members and I’ve seen the benefits they’ve received from being members, as well as the opportunities they’ve had to be involved with other fundraising professionals in our community.  I also knew AFP would be a wonderful way to meet other professionals within fundraising and find mentors.

I’m originally from:  Greenwood, SC 

My hobbies include:  Wining and dining, reading, staying involved with my church, spending time with my Cavalier King Charles, Charlee, and finding really delicious recipes that I can cook well and quickly. 

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:  I used to collect Pez dispensers; and still do occasionally if I see a unique one.

If I had one week to do anything I wanted, I would:  Travel the warm areas of the world with my pup, Charlee. If the weather is nice, I’d like to visit areas of Europe and especially Scotland to learn more about my heritage.  I’m sure it’s been done before, but along the way, I’d author a children’s geography book, “Charlee’s Travels Around the World,” mentioning the various people we met and helped along the way.