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Elizabeth Paul


Elizabeth Paul

Job title:  Director of Development

Employed by:  Sea Island Habitat for Humanity

What I like most about my job:  Talking to people!  If you don’t know me already, I LOVE TO TALK!  I once made a feeble attempt to practice law and was disappointed that they expected me to read and write all the time…I wanted to be with clients!  Being in development provides me a great opportunity to meet with and chat up some of the most generous and interesting folks.  Whether it is donors, volunteers or other fundraising professionals, I am constantly rewarded by the interactions I have every day. 

My goals as Scholarship Chair are to:  In addition to awarding Summer Institute and Chamberlain Scholarships to the very best applicants, the committee has agreed to work towards establishing a fellowship opportunity within our chapter.  We think this would be a great opportunity for professional development as well as a way for that person to continue to give back to the fundraising community and our Lowcountry AFP chapter.  (Cue, shameless plug: IF you are interested in helping to develop this opportunity, please reach out to me as we would be delighted to have you on the Scholarship Committee!)

What I am looking forward to while serving on the board:  Our local AFP board boasts an INSANE amount of talent, experience and brainpower!  As a newbie, I have already absorbed so much from this group.  I’m looking forward to being as smart of the rest of the board by the end of my commitment.

I joined the Lowcountry Chapter of AFP because:  Originally, I joined because a former employer offered the membership for free.  However, the reason I REMAIN a member is all of the great networking and educational opportunities.  The more I put into AFP, the more I get out of it!  There are not a lot of resources for learning how to fundraise and/or run your own development shop.  (Well, not practical ones anyway.)  AFP resources/seminars inform a lot of my day-to-day work and also provide me relationships/colleagues with whom I can bounce ideas back and forth.  (Hey, it keeps me gainfully employed!)

I'm originally from:  Greenville, South Carolina

My hobbies include:  The domestic pursuits associated with mothering a 20-month old boy, two beagles and a 34-year-old man-child.  (Between that and work, I don’t have time for a “hobbies.”  Wait, does Pinterest count?)

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:  I am licensed to practice law in South Carolina.

If I had one week to do anything I wanted, I would:   Wait, does this week come with unlimited funding?  If so, I would charter a yacht to Monaco.  If this week takes place on my budget, then I would probably stay at the Holiday Inn and catch up on my sleep.