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Tracy Mitchell

Tracy Mitchell

Job title:  Director of Sales

Employed by:  JMC Charleston

What I like most about my job:  I love the working environment that JMC Charleston has created.  We are like a family at the “Event Complex."  Under one roof, we have ICEBOX Bar services, EventDRS, Haus Tents and JMC Charleston. We work closely with our vendors and have wonderful relationships, not only with our in house partners but also many other vendors throughout Charleston.  These bonds are reflected in our work, creativity and relationships with our clients. Many times clients become part of the family and keep coming back year after year.  You can’t help but have happy clients when you come from a happy work environment. 

I joined the Lowcountry Chapter of AFP because:  I am looking to network and see how JMC Charleston can help give back to the community by becoming involved with some of the great fundraising organizations that are involved with AFP.

I'm originally from:  Saratoga, NY, but my dad was in the Navy, so I only lived there a short while as we bounced around.  Charleston is where I call home as I have been here for 25 years.

My hobbies include:  Traveling, running, biking, eating, finding the perfect wine, swimming, going to the beach and most any outdoor activities. 

Something my AFP colleagues might not know about me is:  I used to be a Clemson Cheerleader.  C-L-E-M-S-O-N!

If I had one week to do anything I wanted, I would:  Hop on a flight to the Turks and Caicos and charter a private yacht to island hop the southern Caribbean